Increase the “Attack time” of the AR envelope
3.4 The sequencer
The “SEQ” section gives you access to the sequencer as well as different functions
allowing an extension of the possibilities of synthesis and playing. It is situated under the
“Synth” section. It contains a sequencer identical to the 16 step ARP (model 1601)
sequencer, a module for play settings, and a low frequency oscillator (LFO) which was
added as a complement to oscillator2 which was often used as LFO.
3.4.1 The ARP sequencer
The ARP sequencer greatly increases the possibilities for sound and melodic creation. It
allows you to create two simultaneous 8-step melodic lines, or one 16-step line (by
putting two 8-step lines in a series). It is also possible to modulate any parameter of
synthesis through one of the two sequencer outputs.
The ARP sequencer
The ARP sequencer contains 3 parts:
From left to right:
The two lines of faders and selector switches situated at the top give
access to the tuning of the 16 steps as well as management of their triggering
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