Synthesis parameters
Let’s look at quickly creating an evolving lead sound:
To really understand the programming of the ARP2600 V, let’s use a very simple
sound. Select the preset “1_Osc” in the “Template / Temp_Synth” sub bank. The
structure of synthesis for this sound is relatively simple: the square waveform
oscillator1 is active and the signal is directed through the low-pass filter after an
intermediary mixer, and then on to the output amplifier. An ADSR envelope
modulates the filter cut-off frequency and a second envelope, AR, modulates the
volume of the amplifier.
The following block diagram recaps the architecture of the creation of the sound:
The routing taken by the sound of preset “1_Osc”
Start by reducing the low-pass filter cut-off frequency (LPF). This will dampen the
For this, set the linear “Initial Cutoff frequency” potentiometer (for fine tuning, use
the “Fine tune” potentiometer).
Notice that the filter cut-off frequency is modulated by an ADSR envelope (Attack,
Decay, hold - Sustain and Release).
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