3.2 The 3 sections of the ARP2600 V
The ARP 2600V offers three main sections separated into flight cases:
From top to bottom:
The synthesizer, the sequencer / LFO / general settings, and keyboard
To access the different parts of the ARP2600 there are two simple methods:
Click on a part of the synthesizer that des not have any controllers (potentiometers,
switches..) or jacks, then slide the mouse towards the top or the bottom without
Slide the mouse towards the top or bottom
Click on one of the three shortcuts , and situated on the toolbar to
quickly move from one section to another:
The (SYNTHESIZER) section brings you to the synthesizer.
The (SEQUENCER and KEYBOARD) section brings you to the
The (“ALL”) section brings you all the interface of the ARP2600 V
If you are in the “All” section, you can resize the window by clicking on the 2 arrows situated on
the right of the 3 sections shortcuts.
3.3 Overview of the Synthesizer
The “SYNTH” section contains 73 synthesis parameters as well as jack inputs and outputs
that you can connect to one another with virtual cables. The potentiometers or switches
associated to these parameters will help you to create an infinite variety of sounds.
These parameters are made up of:
Three oscillators (VCO) which release the audio signal through waveforms
(triangle, sinusoid, saw-tooth, square and rectangle) and which manage the pitch
(frequency) of the sound.
A noise module.
A ring modulator
A sample / hold module.
A mixer acting on the signals coming from the oscillators, noise module
and ring modulator.
A low-pass resonant 24 dB filter and multimode 12 dB (LP, HP, BP and
An amplifier (VCA) allowing the amplification of the signal coming from the
filter and its direction towards the stereo output.
Two envelopes (ADSR and AR) modulating the lowpass filters and
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