Change the brightness of the sound
In the same manner, you can change the range of oscillator 1 by setting the “Range”
selector to one of the values expressed in steps: LF = low frequencies, 32’ = -2
octaves, 16’ = -1 octave, 8’ = standard tuning, and 4’ = + 1 octave.
Setting the range of oscillator1
By performing these first settings, you have already modified the preset “JMB_Simple1”.
You will now see how to save the sound that you have created.
To choose another destination for the sound, click on the “Save as” icon and choose
the location. For example select “new” in the choice of bank. Two new banks, sub
banks and a preset are immediately created. The names “new bank”, “new sub
bank…” and “new preset…” appear in their respective displays.
Click on each of these displays to rename the 3 parts.
Saving a preset
To save a user preset (“Users”), click on the “Save” icon in the toolbar: The new settings
will be saved in the current preset without changing the name (but if the selected preset
is one of the “factory” presets, the factory setting will not be overwritten).
It is important to specify that changing the name of a preset does not create a new one! Only
the name of the current preset will be changed.
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