In the ARP2600 V, a preset contains all of the parameter settings of the synthesizer,
including the synthesizer and different real-time controllers (eg: velocity, aftertouch,
pitch-bend) as well as the effects (delay, chorus) needed to reproduce a sound.
To get to know the different sounds contained in the ARP2600 V, we will use the preset
“Bass1” situated in the “JMBlanchet” / “Basses” bank.
For this, click on the button above the “BANK” LCD display indicating “Factory” (this
screen presents the name of the current bank). By clicking here you will see a menu
appear containing the list of available banks. Choose the bank “JM_Blanchet” (the
bank name is checked) .
When this menu is open, sub menus can be accessed (in the fashion of a drop-down
menu). This system lets us access the “SUB BANK” and “PRESETS” for a sound designer
with a single click.
Choose the “SUB BANK” “Basses” and select “JMB_Simple1” among the “PRESETS”.
Select the preset JMB_Simple1
The ARP2600 V ships with more than 400 presets that will help you to get to know the
sounds of the synthesizer. A bank named “Templates” offers a selection of template
presets for beginning the programming of a sound (the sound “1_Osc”, for example,
comes with: an oscillator directed to the low-pass filter, and then routed towards the
It is also possible to visualize the entirety of the presets corresponding to a type of sub bank by
selecting the option “All” in the bank. For example, to see all of the bass presets, click on “All” in
the bank selection and then on “Bass”.
3.1.1 Now modify a preset
For this, we will start with a very simple manipulation.
Modify the brightness of the sound “JMB_Simple1” with the linear “Initial Cutoff
Frequency” potentiometer of the filter. Raise or lower the potentiometer and notice
the sound become more or less “bright”. Set this potentiometer to a pleasing value.
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