Proper disposal (electrical waste)
The labelling on the product or on the accompanying literature declares that it
must not be disposed of, at the end of its service life, with the ordinary
household rubbish. Please dispose of this equipment separately from other waste,
to protect the environment or public health from damage by unregulated waste
disposal. Recycle the equipment and support the sustained recycling of material
Private users should contact the dealer who sold them the product or the
responsible authorities, for a demonstration on how to recycle the equipment in
an environmentally friendly way.
We guarantee the performance of the JUWEL-Aquarium product or its accessories to the
purchaser for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase according to the
following conditions:
§ 1 Extent of the guarantee
(1) This guarantee extends to the JUWEL-Aquarium product and its components
excluding items subject to wear and tear such as light tubes and filter media. It is
limited to the product as such and does not cover damage to other property and/or
individuals. In addition, the provisions of the product liability law apply. These
provisions are not limited by the aforementioned arrangement.
(2) It is the prerogative of JUWEL-Aquarium to decide whether the guarantee is
performed by means of repair or replacement. If neither repair nor replacement can
ensure the performance of the JUWEL-Aquarium product the purchaser is entitled to
demand a reduction in price or to return the product against repayment of the
purchase price.
§ 2 Guarantee period and settlement procedure
(1) The guarantee period begins on the day of the purchase of the product from the
retailer. Claims under this guarantee will not be honoured, if
(a) the damage is caused as a result of improper use or maintenance or non-
observance of the instructions given in this manual
(b) the product or its components have been maintained by persons or companies not
authorised by the manufacturer to do so
(c) the product or its components have been damaged by mechanical means of
whatsoever kind, in particular broken glass
(2) All claims under this guarantee have to be notified to the retailer, from whom the
aquarium has been purchased without delay, however, not longer than 2 weeks from
the day of first occurrence of defects. Rights under the consumer protection laws will
remain unaffected.
(3) Guarantee claims will only be accepted if the validity of the claim is supported by
evidence of purchase of the JUWEL-Aquarium product.
This declaration of guarantee is a translation only. In case of doubts the original
German language version prevails.
We reserve the right to make technical alterations.
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