Care and Maintenance
The JUWEL Lighting cover requires very little care and attention. We recommend that
you change your tubes on an annual basis. Although the tubes will be emitting light
at this point their power has been drastically diminished by the number of starts they
have made. Observing this procedure will give optimum output for your plants.
When replacing the tubes always replace both tubes and the tube holders which
contain two vital seals to ensure water tightness.
Changing the Tubes
- Disconnect the hood system from the power supply (just switching off is not
- Unscrew the tube holders and move them to the centre of the tube
- Remove the tube by pulling it gently towards you
- Place the new tube holders on the new tube
- Position the pins on the tubes in line with the slots on the tube holders and push
the tube in until it clicks
- Tighten the new tube holders firmly to ensure a water tight seal
- Place the hood back on the aquarium and reconnect to the power supply and switch
Safety instructions:
Always disconnect the light system from the power supply before changing the
Never repair the electrical cord or plug. In case of damage replace the complete
light system.
JUWEL automatic feeder
We offer you the JUWEL automatic feeder matching all JUWEL aquariums.
It is available from specialized retailers as original JUWEL Aquarium accessory (item
No. 89000).
JUWEL End Caps
To ensure the water tightness of your unit only use genuine JUWEL Aquarium spare
Please note the tube holders are available from your local JUWEL Aquarium retailer
(Part No. 92005).
Should you have difficulty in obtaining these please contact us directly.
JUWEL Reflectors
We recommend the use of suitable JUWEL reflectors that you may purchase from
retailers in order to improve the luminosity.
These increase the luminosity by 100% and consequently ensure a further improvement
of the conditions within your aquarium.
JUWEL Light Tubes
Genuine JUWEL light tubes are available from your JUWEL retailer in both the Day-Lite
and Warm-Lite colours.
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