Maintaining the JUWEL Pump Bioflow
The JUWEL aquarium pump requires little maintenance. Regardless, you should confirm
the functionality at regular intervals.
Please perform the following steps in order to test and maintain the pump:
1. Disconnect the pump and the heater from the power supply.
2. Remove the nozzles.
3. Remove the pump from the pump holder of the filter.
4. Remove the pump housing from the motor and remove the impeller.
5. Thoroughly clean all parts and particularly check the impeller for signs of wear at
the magnet.
6. After that, please reinstall the pump in reverse order in the filter.
In order to ensure that the power head operates at its optimum and maintains its
low noise level, we recommend to check and potentially replace the parts subject
to wear and tear, such as the impeller regularly.
All spare parts are available from your local JUWEL Aquarium retailer.
Safety instructions:
Never operate the power head out of water.
Always unplug the power head from the power supply before removing it from the
The power head is intended for indoor use and for use in fluids up to 35°C.
Never repair the electrical cord or plug. In case of damage replace the complete
power head.
Operating the heater
The JUWEL aquarium heater is an essential element of the JUWEL filter system.
Its positioning within the filter housing and consequently in the water flow facilitates
evenly warming the water in the aquarium.
You may adjust the water temperature by means of the adjustment knob in the heater
Depending on your individual needs, you may define the temperature the heater
should warm the water to.
Turn the adjustment knob until the desired temperature is displayed on the
temperature display. Please note that - depending on the initial water temperature in
the aquarium - it may take approx. 12 hours and longer for the heater to complete
warming the water to the desired temperature.
After that, the heater will automatically maintain the desired temperature of the water
and activate as well as deactivate accordingly. You may determine the operation of the
heater by means of the red glow lamp.
In addition, as the temperature display of the heater only displays approximate values,
we recommend that you check the water temperature by means of a thermometer at
regular intervals. The heater does not require further care or maintenance.
The JUWEL automatic heater warms the water of your aquarium up to 28°C
depending on a nomal room temperature of 18°C. If you keep your aquarium in
rooms below this or your fish need a higher temperature, we recommend to
purchase a second heater.
Safety instructions:
Only connect the heater once the aquarium is filled with water at least to the
minimum water level of the heater.
Never use the heater outside the aquarium.
Operate the heater indoors only.
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