Getting Started - The JUWEL filter system Bioflow Super
You should prepare the filter for operation prior to setting up the aquarium. However,
do not yet connect the electrical components to the power supply.
Please observe the following notes regarding commissioning the JUWEL filter system
Bioflow Super:
The JUWEL filter system Bioflow Super consists of:
- 1 heater
- 1 heater holder
- 1 pump
- 1 white filter wool
- 1 carbon sponge, packaged
- 1 green nitrate remover sponge, packaged
- 1 blue filter sponge fine
1. Insert the base of the pump into the pump holder of the filter and firmly push it
into position. In that context, the pump outlet faces in the direction of the nozzle
opening. Confirm the proper arrangement of the gasket in the nozzle opening
(it is used to minimize the transmission of vibrations).
2. Carefully attach the nozzle from the outside through the opening to the pump
outlet and ensure its firm connection.
3. Insert the heater mount into the guide rail of the filter divider.
4. Insert the heater from above into the heater holder.
5. Now start preparing the filter sponges by removing the plastic packaging from the
carbon sponge and the nitrate remover sponge. Thoroughly rinse the blue filter sponge
only under running water.
6. After that, insert the blue filter sponge, the nitrate remover sponge, the carbon
sponge and the filter wool on top into the filter basket and push it into the filter
7. Place the filter cover on the filter housing.
8. The JUWEL filter system Bioflow Super is now ready for operation.
The JUWEL Aquarium Filter System is a biological filter system. For it to work
effectively, bacteria cultures will need to grow inside the blue sponges. This process
can take up 6-8 weeks for the filter to fully mature. Consequently we recommend to
decorate and plant the aquarium and add just a few (3-5) hardy fish in order to help
the maturation process. Please test the water on a weekly basis to monitor the water
conditions and once the water is safe you can begin to add more fish.
Care and Maintenance of the JUWEL Filter System Bioflow Super
Care and maintenance of the JUWEL Filter System Bioflow Super is very easy and
requires little time indeed, if you observe the following recommendations carefully:
- Replace the white pre-filter wool once a week. This will prevent dirt particles
clogging the important blue sponges and having a negative effect on the important
biological cultures.
- Replace the black carbon sponge every 4 weeks.
The black active carbon sponge removes chemical impurities and prevents these
substances effecting the bacteria cultures inside the filter sponges. As with any active
carbon sponge the absorption of these chemicals will only be effective for a defined
period of time. Thereafter, the carbon will release the substances gradually back into
the water. This is why we recommend changing these every 4 weeks.
- Replacing the white pre-filter wool and black carbon sponge as above ensures that
the maintenance of the blue sponges is kept to a minimum. The biological system
takes care of most of the work for you and we therefore suggest that you clean or
replace these sponges every 3-6 months respectively. It is important to note that only
one sponge should ever be cleaned or replaced at a time ensuring that a good supply
of bacteria is available to maintain the aquarium's biological balance. Any cleaning or
replacement destroys these good bacteria and they will need 10-14 days to recolonise
the new sponges.
- In order to allow a proper level of micro-organisms in the filtration system it is
recommended to exchange the sponge every 6 weeks. The nitrate removal sponge
contains bacteria, which will after a while reduce the nitrate level in the aquarium
Always use original JUWEL Aquarium filter media to ensure the optimum
performance of your system.
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