Setting up your JUWEL Aquarium
In order to set up your aquarium and to prepare it for its intended use, please follow
the following guidelines.
1. Make up the appropriate JUWEL Aquarium cabinet.
2. Place the aquarium in its chosen location.
3. Ensure that the filter system is set up according to the instructions as described in
this manual.
4. Place your substrate in the bottom of the aquarium and plant as desired.
5. Fill the aquarium with room temperature water slowly through the filter to the red
fill line indicated inside the aquarium - Important - do not over fill!
6. Connect the powerhead and heater and complete by placing the light unit and flaps
on the top of the aquarium.
7. For tropical set-ups, allow the aquarium to reach the desired temperature prior to
the addition of livestock.
You can add a few hardy fish after only a few days since you will need some livestock
to start the filter maturation process. The filter can take between 6 and 8 weeks to
fully mature. Should you choose to add further livestock during this period, then this
should be a gradual process.
24 h
The use of additional air stones or air lines is not necessary with the JUWEL
Aquariums. If an air stone is used, this should always be placed in the middle of
the aquarium. Capillary leaks resulting from the use of these items will not be
accepted as a fault with the aquarium.
Do not transport or move your aquarium while still containing water or sand.
Always take care not to damage the seals while maintaining your aquarium.
Do not use toxic substances to clean your aquarium.
The JUWEL filter system Bioflow
The JUWEL filter system Bioflow is a highly effective biological filter system with two
stages that includes components complementing each other in an ideal manner.
Installing the filter in the aquarium makes hose connections unnecessary and prevents
leaks. The pump output is not negatively affected by hose couplings, intake tubes etc.
The capacity of the pump is designed in such a manner that an ideal level of biological
filtering is ensured by a sufficient level of percolation through the filter material.
In that context, the large filter volume ensures excellent mechanical filtering and
facilitates long cleaning intervals.
The JUWEL filter system Bioflow enables you to achieve a look in the aquarium which
is characterized by almost no discernable water movement. Accordingly, the fish is
exposed to less currents, and you achieve a semi-natural peaceful environment for fish
and plants. The construction of the filter system enables you to quickly access the
individual heater, pump, and filter media components. This way, the filter system may
comfortably be operated during cleaning and while performing maintenance work.
Pre-Filter Wool Pad (white)
The white filter wool acts as a mechanical pre-filter, removing large particles of dirt
and excess food which in turn ensures that the other sponges do not get clogged.
Active Carbon Sponge (black)
The black activated carbon sponge sits on top of the blue coarse filter sponges, and
removes chemical impurities from the water, which cannot be removed biologically.
Nitrate Removal Sponge (green)
The Sponge contains micro-organisms, which will, once developed, reside inside the
sponges and in the water. These micro-organisms feed of nitrates and will reduce them
significantly. The JUWEL Filtration system provides the optimum housing for these
Filter Sponge Fine (blue)
The fine blue sponge and the bacteria cultures living in them, clean the water of even
the smallest impurities. As the sponge has a very fine structure the water will flow
through it even slower, allowing the bacteria even more time to perform their
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