Thank you for choosing a JUWEL Aquarium product.
Our products represent over 30 years experience in the manufacturing of aquariums
and their acessories applying most modern production techniques bringing together
the JUWEL Aquarium system, which is both easy to use and simple to maintain.
Please read this instruction manual carefully and completely to make sure you
have received all components before setting up the aquarium.
Please observe the safety instructions and maintenance guidelines given in this
This instruction manual has been carefully prepared to provide you with accurate
and complete information. All efforts have been made to ensure that the
information given is correct. However, we cannot accept responsibility for
printing or other errors. Technical details are always approximate and are not
warranted characteristics and may be subject to change without notice.
Always unplug all immersed electrical equipment from mains before placing your
hands into the water.
Setting up the Aquarium
We have produced your JUWEL Aquarium with the utmost care using most advanced
production techniques. Extra strong packaging has been used to prevent damage to
the aquarium. Please note however, that your aquarium has been transported and
handled several times prior to reaching its final destination. We recommend
therefore, that you test the aquarium for leaks in a suitable area (e.g. garage), by
filling it with water and checking it very carefully.
Having made your checks, you should select the most suitable and desirable position
for your aquarium. The position selected should have an even and level surface and
should be able to support the weight of the filled aquarium. In order to prevent
excessive algae growth, we recommend that you select a position that is not exposed
to direct daylight.
We strongly recommend that the appropriate JUWEL Aquarium cabinet is used. They
have a water-repellent surface and they have been made to match the dimensions and
to bear the weight of the filled aquarium. The cabinet must be positioned on a level
surface. The JUWEL Aquarium is built with a special bottom frame for security. The
aquarium should be placed directly onto the cabinet. DO NOT place any additional
support, e.g. polystyrene, under the aquarium since this is not necessary with our
Weight of the aquarium in kg filled with water:
Suggestion: JUWEL Backgrounds
Complete the look of your aquarium by fitting one of our stunning backgrounds.
JUWEL Poster Backgrounds:
Vibrant plants or realistic rock on all double sided posters.
JUWEL Rock or Root Backgrounds:
Three dimensional Rock or Root backgrounds that give depth to the aquarium.
JUWEL Structured Backgrounds:
Subtle Bark effect that enhances the view of the aquarium.
JUWEL aquarium silicone:
The Rock, the Root and the Structured backgrounds are fitted to the inside of the
aquarium using the JUWEL silicone prior to filling.
JUWEL Terrace
Attractive terrace modules matching the design of the backgrounds Rock and Root.
All backgrounds are readily available from your JUWEL retailer.
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