Logitech® G933 Artemis Spectrum
8  English
Idle sleep mode
G933 Artemis Spectrum will go into sleep
mode to conserve battery power when
it has not received an audio signal in
5 minutes.
In idle sleep mode, the unit’s lighting will
turn o, and it will disconnect from the USB
wireless mix adapter.
To wake up your headset from sleep mode,
press any button on the unit.
Your unit will continue to use battery
power at a reduced rate while in idle sleep
mode. If you plan to leave your headset
idle for an extended period of time,
turn o your headset and plug it in via USB
to charge.
On/Of tones and lights
When your headset is turned on, it will play
a tone to indicate that your headset has
turned on. The lights will perform a power
on light cycle sequence, then switch to
the currently selected lighting.
When the unit is turned o, lights will
switch to blue and fade out while
it powers down.
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