Logitech® G933 Artemis Spectrum
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Battery management
G933 Artemis Spectrum wireless headset
is powered via a battery housed in
the right earcup. When you are not using
your G933 Artemis Spectrum wireless
headset, plug it in via the USB port on the
bottom of the unit to charge. When fully
depleted, the battery takes approximately
3.5 hours to reach full charge on standard
USB output. For the optimal experience,
plug in your unit and allow it to charge fully
before first use.
Logitech Gaming Software
The headset home screen in Logitech
Gaming Software has a battery charge
level indicator:
When using battery, this will indicate
charge level
This indicates the unit is charging
Critical Battery Warning
G933 Artemis Spectrum gaming
headset will play a tone at low charge.
The headset’s lighting will also dim when at
low charge. At critical charge level, the unit
will play a tone and lighting will turn o.
Use USB charging cable to plug in headset
immediately if you hear these tones to
ensure uninterrupted listening or gaming.
Charge indicator
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