Logitech® G933 Artemis Spectrum
14  English
Setup for console:
Xbox One™ or PS4™
1. Set switch to Wireless O mode for
passive audio mode, or set to Wireless
On mode for active audio mode with
additional features (see “Wireless On/
O” section).
2. Connect the headset to the console
controller using the 3.5mm cable.
• Xbox One may require Xbox One
headset adapter (sold separately).
PlayStation setup (settings)
1. Connect headset
2. Open Settings
3. Select “Sound and Screen”
4. Select “Audio Output Settings”
5. Set “Output to Headphones”
to “All Audio”
Headset will not operate via USB Wireless
Mix Adapter on Xbox One.
Boom microphone is only available
in Wireless On mode. Inline mic is available
in both modes.
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