Logitech® G933 Artemis Spectrum
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Setup for PC
(3.5mm connection)
The G933 can also connect to audio
devices solely via 3.5mm cable.
1. Set switch to Wireless O mode for
passive audio mode, or set to Wireless
On mode for active audio mode with
additional features (see “Wireless On/
O” section).
2. Connect to PC using the 3.5mm cable
3. 3.5mm inline controls can be used
to adjust audio.
Mic select
• Select “microphone” position
for inline microphone
• Select “headset” position to use
headset boom microphone
Some features, including 7.1 surround
sound, on-headset buttons, volume wheel
operation, and customization of lighting
and button functions are not available
without USB connection. Boom mic
is not available for 3.5mm device while
in Wireless O mode.
Some PCs may require a 3.5mm 4-pole to
mic/stereo splitter adapter (not included)
to use microphone features in this mode.
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