Part No 1143151 89 Invacare 3G Storm Series®
Check power center mount front riggings for worn/frayed straps and/or loose fasteners. If found, replace these items.
Inspect/Adjust Every 18 Months
Replace motor brushes and gearbox coupling.
11.4 Batteries
Risk of Death or Serious Injury
Failure to observe these warnings can cause an electrical short resulting in death, serious injury, or damage to the electrical
The POSITIVE (+) RED battery cable MUST connect to the POSITIVE (+) battery terminal(s)/post(s).
The NEGATIVE (-) BLACK battery cable MUST connect to the NEGATIVE (-) battery terminal(s)/post(s).
NEVER allow any of your tools and/or battery cable(s) to contact BOTH battery post(s) at the same time. An electrical
short may occur and serious injury or damage may occur.
Install protective caps on positive and negative battery terminals.
Replace cable(s) immediately if cable(s) insulation becomes damaged.
DO NOT remove fuse or mounting hardware from POSITIVE (+) red battery cable mounting screw.
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