Invacare 3G Storm Series® 88 Part No 1143151
Ensure that there is no excessive side movement or binding when drive wheels are lifted and spun when disengaged (free-wheeling).
Ensure axle nut or bolt and wheel mounting nuts are secure on drive wheels.
Inspect tires for flat spots and wear.
Ensure that the casters are free of debris.
Ensure wheels/casters have proper tension when wheels/casters are spun (when free-wheeling). Wheels/casters should come to a gradual stop.
Loosen/tighten caster locknut if wheel wobbles noticeably or binds to a stop.
Ensure all caster/wheel/fork/headtube fasteners are secure and not damaged/missing.
Inspect the anti-tippers for loose hardware or damage.
Ensure the anti-tipper wheels are properly installed and located in the proper mounting position.
Ensure wheel locks DO NOT interfere with tires when rolling.
Ensure wheel lock pivot point are free of wear and looseness.
Ensure wheel locks are easy to engage.
Check center mount front riggings for loose fasteners. Replace /tighten if necessary.
Check that cables are routed and secured properly to ensure that cables DO NOT become entangled and damaged during normal operation of
seating system.
Ensure proper operation of powered functions (drive, seating, legrests, ect...).
Inspect motor brushes and gearbox coupling.
Inspect electrical components for signs of corrosion. Replace if corroded or damaged.
Inspect battery terminals for loose cable connection. Tighten if necessary.
Inspect all fasteners.
Inspect TRBKTS/TRRO fasteners and hardware.
Inspect foam handgrips for damage. If damaged, have them replaced by a qualified technician.
Ensure swingarm stops are in place and not deteriorated or damaged. Replace if necessary.
Check pneumatic tires for proper inflation.
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