Part No 1143151 87 Invacare 3G Storm Series®
11.3 Service Inspection
The following are recommended items to inspect during regular service inspections performed by a qualified technician. Actual items to be inspected
during the service inspection may vary according to the specific wheelchair:
Six Month Inspection
Clean upholstery and armrests.
Clean dirt and lint from axles.
Clean dirt and lint from bearings.
Check that all labels are present and legible. Replace if necessary.
Ensure clothing guards are secure.
Ensure adjustable height arms operate and lock securely.
Ensure upholstery does not have any rips or tears.
Ensure armrest pad sits flush against arm tube.
Ensure arms are secure but easy to release and adjustment levers engage properly.
Inspect seat positioning strap for any signs of wear. Ensure buckle latches. Verify hardware that attaches strap to frame is secure and undamaged.
Replace if necessary.
Ensure wheelchair rolls straight (no excessive drag or pull to one side).
Every six months take your wheelchair to a qualified technician for a thorough inspection and servicing.
Service inspections MUST be performed by a qualified technician.
After ANY adjustments, repair or service and before use, make sure that all attaching hardware is tightened securely -
otherwise injury or damage may result.
As with any vehicle, the wheels and tires should be checked periodically for cracks and wear, and should be replaced.
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