Part No 1143151 85 Invacare 3G Storm Series®
Check all parts for shipping damage. In case of damage, DO NOT use.
Ensure wheelchair rolls straight (no excessive drag or pull to one side).
Ensure clothing guards are secure
Ensure arms are secure but easy to release and adjustment levers engage properly.
Adjustable height arms operate and lock securely.
Ensure axle nut or bolt and wheel mounting nuts are secure on drive wheels.
Ensure caster/anti-tipper wheels are free of debris, and all mounting hardware is secure and not damaged/missing.
Check that cables are routed and secured properly to ensure that cables DO NOT become entangled and damaged during normal operation of
seating system.
Ensure proper operation of powered functions (Example: drive, seating and legrests).
11.2 User/Attendant Inspection Checklists
Inspect/Adjust Weekly
Ensure that the casters are free of debris.
Inspect tires for flat spots and wear.
Inspect all fasteners.
Every six months, and as necessary, take your wheelchair to a qualified technician for a thorough inspection and servicing.
Service Inspection on page 87.
Weekly, monthly and periodic inspections should be performed by user/attendant between the six month service
Regular cleaning will reveal loose or worn parts and enhance the smooth operation of your wheelchair. To operate
properly and safely, your wheelchair must be cared for just like any other vehicle. Routine maintenance will extend the life
and efficiency of your wheelchair.
As with any vehicle, the wheels and tires should be checked periodically for cracks and wear, and should be replaced.
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