Invacare 3G Storm Series® 84 Part No 1143151
11 Setup/Maintenance
11.1 Setup/Delivery Inspection
Risk of Death or Serious Injury
Failure to complete the inspection of the critical components listed below could result in death or serious injury.
Inspect stability control components which could include anti-dive spring, anti-dive cylinder, ratcheting gears, or end stops
to ensure proper operation.
Inspect drive axle nut, locking tab, wheel fasteners or quick release to ensure drive wheel is secure.
Risk of Death or Serious Injury
Not performing periodic maintenance on stability lock could result in death or serious injury.
ALWAYS perform the periodic maintenance to the stability lock listed in the inspection checklist of this manual.
After ANY adjustments, repair or service and before use, make sure that all attaching hardware is tightened securely -
otherwise injury or damage may result.
Setup/delivery inspection should be performed by dealer at time of delivery/set up.
Initial adjustments should be made to suit your personal body structure needs and preference. Thereafter weekly, monthly
and periodic inspections should be performed by user/attendant between the six month service inspections. Refer to User/
Attendant Inspection Checklists on page 85.
Every six months, and as necessary, take your wheelchair to a qualified technician for a thorough inspection and servicing.
Refer to Service Inspection on page 87.
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