Invacare 3G Storm Series® 82 Part No 1143151
Positioning Belts
The angle of the pelvic belt should be within the preferred zone of
45 to 75 degrees to the horizontal OR within the optional zone of
30 to 45 degrees to the horizontal.
Steeper side-view pelvic belt angles are especially important if the
pelvic belt is intended to be used for postural support in addition
to occupant restraint in a frontal crash. Steeper angles will
reduce the tendency for a vertical gap to develop between the
user and the belt due to compliance of seat cushions and belt
movement, thereby reducing the tendency for the user to slip
under the belt and for the belt to ride up on the soft abdomen
during normal use
Steeper belt angles also reduce the tendency for upper-torso
belts to pull the pelvic belt onto the abdomen during frontal
impact loading.
For this procedure, refer to FIGURE4 on page 83.
Preferred Zone
Optional Zone
Side View
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