Part No 1143151 79 Invacare 3G Storm Series®
10.5 Securing the Occupant
Wheelchair-Anchored Belts
The wheelchair has been provided with a pelvic belt which meets the requirements of ANSI/RESNA WC/19.
The pelvic belt provided by Invacare has been designed to accommodate use on either side of the vehicle. If necessary, follow the instructions below
to reverse the orientation of the pelvic belt to accommodate the vehicle-anchored upper torso belt.
1. Install the pelvic belt pin (Detail A) into slot in the pelvic belt bracket (Detail B or Detail C). Pull upwards until it snaps into place.
2. Repeat STEP 1 for the opposite pelvic belt bracket.
3. Install the vehicle-anchored upper torso belt onto the pin located at either end of the pelvic belt.
The pelvic belt that is provided by Invacare has been tested for use in a motor vehicle on this wheelchair only. Do not
replace the pelvic belt with a different style pelvic belt.
For this procedure, refer to FIGURE2 on page 80.
Both ends of the pelvic belt have a pin which is used to secure the vehicle-anchored upper torso belt.
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