Part No 1143151 67 Invacare 3G Storm Series®
Description and Use of Battery Chargers
The charger automatically reduces the charge from an initially high rate to a zero reading at a fully charged condition. If left unattended, the charger
should automatically shut-off when full charge is obtained or enter a trickle charge mode to maintain the batteries depending on charger model.
There are some basic concepts which will help you understand this automatic process. They are:
Once the charger has been connected to the wheelchair and wall outlet and, if necessary, the charger has been turned on, the battery charger indicator
lights will flash and light to show the battery charger status and condition of batteries to be charged. Refer to owner’s manual shipped with battery
NEVER leave the charger unattended when the breaker has tripped. A fault condition exists. Unplug and discontinue using
immediately. Contact an Invacare dealer.
If performing the charging procedures, READ and CAREFULLY follow the individual instructions for each charger (supplied
or purchased).
If charging instructions are not supplied, consult a qualified service technician for proper procedures.
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