Invacare 3G Storm Series® 66 Part No 1143151
8.5 Charging Batteries
The range per battery charge using recommended batteries should be approximately 5 to 9 hours of typical operation. Extensive use on inclines may
substantially reduce per charge mileage.
NEVER attempt to recharge the batteries by attaching cables directly to the battery terminals or clamps. ALWAYS use the
recharging plug located on the front of the joystick.
DO NOT sit in the wheelchair while charging the batteries.
DO NOT attempt to recharge the batteries and operate the power wheelchair at the same time.
During use and charging, unsealed batteries will vent hydrogen gas which is explosive in the right concentration with air.
Always charge new batteries before initial use or battery life will be reduced.
For this procedure, refer to FIGURE11 on page 68.
New batteries MUST be fully charged prior to initial use of the wheelchair.
As a general rule, batteries should be recharged daily to assure the longest possible life and minimize the required charging
time. Plan to recharge the batteries when it is anticipated the wheelchair will not be used for a long period of time.
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