Invacare 3G Storm Series® 64 Part No 1143151
Mode Switch
The mode switch is used to select the operating mode for the wheelchair. The mode switch is located on the joystick. A mode switch is needed
whenever any of the following operating modes are programmed:
Environmental Controls (ECU 1, ECU 2, ECU 3, ECU 4)*
3 Speed Mode in Digital 3 Speed (Slow, Medium, Full)
•Sleep Mode
•RIM Mode*
Remote Drive Selection Mode*
Tilt/Recline Mode*
Information Center Display Selection (does not require Reset activation at power up)
If any of the above modes are selected, the control will require activation of the switch immediately after the power switch is turned On in order to
enter the drive mode. The second line of the LCD will display - PRESS RESET.
Memory Card Slot
The memory card slot is used with the basic or professional memory card for saving or reading wheelchair parameters.
8.4 When to Charge Batteries
*In these modes, Standby Select allows the reset switch to be bypassed for users unable to activate the switch.
Keep Batteries charged. When possible, DO NOT allow battery charge to empty.
If battery charge becomes so low that no battery indicators are lit, allow the batteries to charge overnight.
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