Part No 1143151 63 Invacare 3G Storm Series®
Programmable Mono Ports 1 and 2 with External Mode Switch
The programmable mono port with external mode switch input is located at the rear of the joystick on the left side. The programmable mono port
input offers the choice of three options:
Remote drive select
Remote stop/mode (reset) input
Single actuator input
The single switch functions operate through mono port 1. An optional y-cable allows a second programmable function through mono port 2.
Remote Stop Switch
The remote reset switch may be used to stop the wheelchair if the wheelchair is in motion.
The remote reset switch also functions in the same way as the joystick mode switch when the wheelchair is not in motion. Refer to Mode Switch on
page 64.
Remote On/Off Switch
The remote On/Off switch input is located at the rear of the joystick on the right side and allows the power switch to be operated by an ability switch
(normally open momentary switch with mono plug). To use the remote On/Off feature, the Drive Select/On/Off switch must be in the On position.
Each activation of the ability switch will alternately turn the joystick On or Off.
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