Part No 1143151 61 Invacare 3G Storm Series®
User Settings
Depress the mode button of the CMPJ+ joystick for 10 seconds and the User Settings screen will appear with three choices. Move the joystick forward
or reverse to scroll through list. Move the joystick to the right to select a user setting.
SET DATE AND TIME SET DATE AND TIME - Sets the clock on the color CMPJ+ joystick. Adds date and time stamp to error codes.
Move the joystick Up or Down to change the highlighted value (hour, minute, AM/PM, month, day, year)
Move the joystick Right or Left to select a value or the Set icon.
Highlight the Set icon and move the joystick forward to enter new date and time.
BATTERY VOLTAGE BATTERY VOLTAGE - Displays current battery voltage. This is a diagnostic test a user can perform prior to a
service call.
FAULT CODE FAULT CODES - Displays time and date stamped fault codes. This information can be helpful to a provider prior to
making a service call.
CONNECTED DEVICES CONNECTED DEVICES - Displays device connections. Refer to Connected Devices Screen on page 62.
User Settings Set Date and Time Fault Codes Connected DevicesBattery Voltage
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