Part No 1143151 57 Invacare 3G Storm Series®
Speed Control
The speed control knob is located on the side of the joystick housing.
1. Rotate the knob clockwise (forward) to increase the speed of the wheelchair to the programmed max speed.
2. Rotate the knob counterclockwise (backward) to decrease the speed of the wheelchair to the programmed max speed.
The joystick has proportional drive control, meaning that the further the joystick is pushed from the upright (neutral) position, the faster the
wheelchair or seat moves. Your top speed, however, is limited by the programmed settings.
To slow the wheelchair to a stop, simply release the joystick. The wheelchair has automatic speed and direction compensation to minimize
Charger/Programming Input
The charger/programming input is located at the front of the joystick housing. This provides easy access for charging the wheelchair batteries. This
port also serves as the Remote Programmer Communication connection. Driving is prevented while the system is charging.
LCD Display Screens
The LCD Display is located in front of the joystick and provides
information on the status of the wheelchair through a backlit display. The
LCD display is readable in both bright sunlight and complete darkness.
Splash Screen
This screen is displayed at startup of the joystick for about 2 seconds.
This screen displays the software version and date information.
After this screen, the joystick displays the Main Screen. FIGURE5 LCD Display Screens - Splash Screen
For this procedure, refer to FIGURE5.
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