Part No 1143151 51 Invacare 3G Storm Series®
Using the Joystick to Drive the Wheelchair
The joystick is located on the joystick housing and provides smooth control of speed and direction. It is equipped with 360 degrees of mobility for
ease of operation. The joystick is spring-loaded, and automatically returns to the upright (neutral) position when released. Pushing the joystick in a
given direction causes the wheelchair to move in that direction.
The joystick has proportional drive control, meaning that the further it is pushed from the upright (neutral) position, the faster the wheelchair moves.
The maximum speed, however, is limited by the setting of the speed-control knob.
To slow the wheelchair to a stop, simply release the joystick. The wheelchair has automatic speed and direction compensation to minimize
When first learning to drive, select a slow speed and try to drive the wheelchair as slowly as possible by pushing the joystick slightly forward. This
exercise will help you learn to utilize the full potential of the proportional control and allow you to start and stop smoothly.
To drive the wheelchair, perform the following:
1. Adjust speed control knob to the appropriate setting.
2. Turn the power On. Refer to Turning the Power On/Off on page 50.
3. Maneuver the joystick in the following manner:
Risk of Death, Serious Injury, or Damage
Malfunctioning joystick could cause unintended/erratic movement resulting in death, serious injury, or damage.
If unintended/erratic movement occurs, stop using the wheelchair immediately and contact a qualified technician.
Risk of Death, Serious Injury, or Damage
Improperly connected joystick could cause loss of power resulting in death, serious injury, or damage.
Ensure the joystick is securely connected to controller.
For this procedure, refer to FIGURE2 on page 52.
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