Part No 1143151 45 Invacare 3G Storm Series®
Risk of Death or Serious Injury
Driving in an elevated position while on an incline could cause loss of stability resulting in death or serious injury
DO NOT drive in an elevated position while on an incline.
Risk of Serious Injury or Damage
Dropping the battery can result in serious injury or property damage.
Batteries can weigh up to 52 lbs (23.6 kg). ALWAYS use a battery lifting strap when lifting the battery. It is the most reliable
method of carrying a battery and preventing serious injury.
Risk of injury or damage
Improper mounting or maintenance of the Sip n’ Puff control including the mouthpiece and breath tube may cause injury or
Water inside the Sip n’ Puff interface module may cause damage to the unit.
Excessive saliva residue in the mouthpiece/straw can reduce performance.
Blockages, a clogged saliva trap or air leaks in the system may cause Sip n’ Puff not to function properly.
Ensure moving parts of the wheelchair, including the operation of powered seating, DO NOT pinch or damage the Sip n’
Puff tubing.
Saliva trap MUST be installed to reduce risk of water or saliva entering the Sip n’ Puff interface module.
Occasionally flush the mouthpiece to remove saliva residue.
The mouthpiece/straw MUST be completely dry before installation.
If Sip n’ Puff does not to function properly, inspect system for blockages, clogged saliva trap or air leaks. As necessary,
replace mouthpiece, breath tube and saliva trap.
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