Invacare 3G Storm Series® 36 Part No 1143151
NOTE: Invacare has tested its wheelchairs in accordance with RESNA WC — 2:2009, Section 9 Part 7.3 “Rain Test”. This provides the end user or his/her
attendant sufficient time to remove his/her wheelchair from a rain storm and retain wheelchair operation.
Avoid storing or using the wheelchair near open flame or combustible products. Serious injury or damage to property may
Risk of Death, Serious Injury, or Damage
Even though this power wheelchair has been tested and meets the requirements for ingress of liquids, ALWAYS keep
electrical connections away from sources of dampness, this includes direct exposure to water, bodily fluids, and incontinence.
Electrical components damaged by corrosion MUST be replaced immediately. Wheelchairs that are used by incontinent
users and/or are frequently exposed to water/liquids may require replacement of electrical components more frequently.
Risk of Damage
Operating the wheelchair in rain or dampness may cause the wheelchair to malfunction electrically and mechanically; may
cause the wheelchair to prematurely rust or may damage the upholstery.
DO NOT leave wheelchair in a rain storm of any kind.
DO NOT use wheelchair in a shower.
DO NOT leave wheelchair in a damp area for any length of time.
Check to ensure that the battery covers are secured in place, joystick boot is NOT torn or cracked where water can enter
and that all electrical connections are secure at all times. DO NOT use if the joystick boot is torn or cracked. If the joystick
boot becomes torn or cracked, replace IMMEDIATELY.
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