Part No 1143151 35 Invacare 3G Storm Series®
Transferring To and From Other Seats
1. Position the wheelchair to minimize the gap distance between the
wheelchair seat and the seat to which you are transferring.
2. Ensure the casters are aligned parallel with the object.
3. Engage motor locks. Refer to Disengaging/Engaging Motor Lock
Levers on page 69.
4. Shift body weight into seat with transfer.
FIGURE4 Transferring To and From Other Seats
ALWAYS turn the wheelchair power OFF and engage the motor locks/clutches to prevent the wheels from moving before
attempting to transfer in or out of the wheelchair. Also make sure every precaution is taken to reduce the gap distance.
Align both casters parallel with the object you are transferring onto.
Inasmuch as wheel locks are an option on this wheelchair, (You may order with or without wheel locks.) transfer to and
from the wheelchair in the presence of a qualified healthcare professional to determine individual safety limits. Invacare
strongly recommends ordering the wheel locks as an additional safeguard for the wheelchair user.
For this procedure, refer to FIGURE4.
Adequate mobility and upper body strength is
required to perform this activity independently.
During independent transfer, little or no seat
platform will be beneath you. Use a transfer board
if at all possible.
Minimize Gap
Front View
Minimize Gap Distance
Top View
Seat Wheelchair
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