Part No 1143151 33 Invacare 3G Storm Series®
Reaching, Leaning and Bending - Forward
Risk of injury or damage
Using the footplate as a platform may cause injury or damage.
DO NOT use the footplates as a platform. DO NOT stand on the footplates/footboard. When getting in or out of the
wheelchair, make sure that the footplates are in the upward position or swing footrests towards the outside of the
Risk of damage
Interference between footrests and front casters may cause damage.
When determining the depth of the telescoping front frame tubes, make sure the rear of the footrests do not interfere with
the movement of the front casters. Otherwise damage to the wheelchair may result or may impede proper operation.
Risk of Serious Injury or Damage
Improper positioning while leaning or bending could cause the wheelchair to tip forward resulting in serious injury or
To assure stability and proper operation of your wheelchair, you must at all times maintain proper balance. Your wheelchair
has been designed to remain upright and stable during normal daily activities as long as you DO NOT move beyond the
center of gravity. DO NOT lean forward out of the wheelchair any further than the length of the armrests.
DO NOT attempt to reach objects if you have to move forward in the seat or pick them up from the floor by reaching
down between your knees.
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