Invacare 3G Storm Series® 32 Part No 1143151
Footplates and Front Rigging
*Improved performance can be achieved when climbing over rolled curbs (E).
Do not go down a ramp at full speed. Some seat/back positions will cause the wheelchair to feel unstable.
Risk of Serious Injury or Damage
Operating the wheelchair with a ground clearance of less than 3 inches between the footplates and the ground/floor may
cause serious injury or property damage.
ALWAYS maintain a minimum of 3 inches between the bottom of the footplates and ground/floor to ensure proper ground
clearance while the wheelchair is in motion. If necessary, adjust the footplates height to achieve proper ground clearance.
After footplates height adjustment, if the wheelchair dips forward and the footplates touch the ground while in motion,
please contact your dealer for an inspection and avoid use of the wheelchair if possible.
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