Invacare 3G Storm Series® 28 Part No 1143151
To assure stability and proper operation of your wheelchair, you must at all times maintain proper balance. Your wheelchair has been designed to
remain upright and stable during normal daily activities as long as you DO NOT move beyond the center of gravity. DO NOT lean forward out of
the wheelchair any further than the length of the armrests.
Changing the position of where the motors are positioned affects the weight distribution over the rear wheels. The following contains information
about changing the position of the motors.
Rear Position - Lengthens the wheelbase and gives the wheelchair the most stability and standard maneuverability.
Middle Position - Centers the wheelbase and gives the wheelchair standard stability and maneuverability.
Forward Position - Shortens the wheelbase and increases maneuverability and distributes additional weight on rear wheels.
The following shows the positions of the screws into the gearbox:
The forward mounting position is not available on Arrow wheelchairs equipped with GB motors.
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