Invacare 3G Storm Series® 26 Part No 1143151
A Note to Wheelchair Assistants
When assistance to the wheelchair user is required, remember to use good body mechanics. Keep your back straight and bend your knees whenever
tilting wheelchair or traversing curbs or other impediments.
Also, be aware of detachable parts such as arms or legrests. These must NEVER be used to move the wheelchair or as lifting supports, as they may
be inadvertently released, resulting in possible injury to the user and/or assistant(s).
When learning a new assistance technique, have an experienced assistant help you before attempting it alone.
Risk of Death, Serious Injury or Damage
Misuse of the wheelchair may cause component failure and/or the wheelchair to start smoking, sparking, or burning. Death,
serious injury, or damage may occur due to fire.
DO NOT use the wheelchair other than its intended purpose. If the wheelchair starts smoking, sparking, or burning,
discontinue using the wheelchair and seek service IMMEDIATELY.
Risk of Serious Injury or Damage
Improperly connecting the motor leads to the controller may cause injury or damage.
WHEELCHAIRS WITH G-TRAC: Crossing the motor leads (for example: connecting the left motor lead into the right
motor connector on the controller) may result in unintended movement.
DO NOT cross the motor leads when connecting the motors to the controller - otherwise injury or damage may occur.
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