Part No 1143151 25 Invacare 3G Storm Series®
DO NOT leave the power button On when entering or exiting your wheelchair.
DO NOT go UP or DOWN ramps or traverse slopes greater than 9°.
NEVER leave an unoccupied wheelchair unattended on an incline.
Anti-tippers must be used at all times. When outdoors on wet, soft ground or on gravel surfaces, anti-tippers may not
provide the same level of protection against tip over. Extra caution must be observed when traversing such surfaces.
DO determine and establish your particular safety limits by practicing bending, reaching and transferring activities in the
presence of a qualified healthcare professional before attempting active use of the wheelchair.
DO NOT attempt to reach objects if you have to move forward in your seat.
ALWAYS shift your weight in the direction you are turning. DO NOT shift your weight in the opposite direction of the
turn. Shifting your weight in the opposite direction of the turn may cause the inside drive wheel to lose traction and the
wheelchair to tip over.
DO NOT shift your weight or sitting position toward the direction you are reaching as the wheelchair and/or seating
system (if any) may tip over.
ALWAYS keep hands and fingers clear of moving parts to avoid injury.
DO NOT use with a broken or missing joystick knob.
DO NOT use if joystick does not spring back to the neutral position or becomes sticky or sluggish.
DO NOT use if joystick boot is torn or damaged.
ALWAYS check foam grips for looseness before using the wheelchair. If loose, contact a qualified technician for instructions.
DO NOT attempt to stop a moving wheelchair with the wheel locks. Wheel locks are not brakes.
DO NOT engage or disengage the motor locks until the power is in the off position.
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