Invacare 3G Storm Series® 24 Part No 1143151
5.3 Safety/Handling
“Safety and Handling” of the wheelchair requires the close attention of the wheelchair user as well as the assistant. This manual points out the most
common procedures and techniques involved in the safe operation and maintenance of the wheelchair. It is important to practice and master these
safe techniques until you are comfortable in maneuvering around the frequently encountered architectural barriers.
Use this information only as a “basic” guide. The techniques that are discussed on the following pages have been used successfully by many.
Individual wheelchair users often develop skills to deal with daily living activities that may differ from those described in this manual. Invacare recognizes
and encourages each individual to try what works best for him/her in overcoming architectural obstacles that they may encounter. However all
warnings and cautions given in this manual MUST be followed. Techniques in this manual are a starting point for the new wheelchair user and assistant
with “safety” as the most important consideration for all.
Invacare strongly recommends that initial use of rear wheel drive wheelchairs be supervised by an assistant
DO NOT service or operate this equipment without first reading and understanding (1) the owner’s operator and
maintenance manual, (2) the service manual (if applicable) and (3) the seating system’s manual (if applicable). if you are
unable to understand the warnings, cautions and instructions, contact Invacare technical support before attempting to
service or operate this equipment - otherwise, injury or damage may result.
Set-up of the Electronics Control Unit is to be performed only by a qualified technician. The final adjustments of the
controller may affect other activities of the wheelchair. Damage to the equipment could occur if improperly set-up or
Except for programming, DO NOT service or adjust the wheelchair while occupied, unless otherwise noted.
Before adjusting, repairing or servicing the wheelchair, ALWAYS turn the wheelchair power Off, otherwise, injury or
damage may occur.
DO NOT overtighten hardware attaching to the frame. This could cause damage to the frame tubing.
Transport ready packages are not retrofittable to existing models and are not field serviceable.
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