Part No 1143151 23 Invacare 3G Storm Series®
Follow this procedure for moving the wheelchair between floors when an elevator is NOT available:
1. Remove the occupant from the wheelchair.
2. Remove the battery boxes from wheelchair. Refer to Removing/Installing Battery Boxes on page 94.
3. Bend your knees and keep your back straight.
4. Using non-removable (non-detachable) parts of the wheelchair, lift the wheelchair off of the ground and transfer the wheelchair up or down the
5. The wheelchair should not be lowered until the last stair has been negotiated and the wheelchair has been carried away from the stairway.
Repair or Service Information (Dealers and/or Qualified Technicians)
When using a stairway to move the wheelchair and any accessories, move all wheelchair components away from the
stairway prior to reassembly.
Risk of Death, Serious Injury, or Damage
Corroded electrical components due to water, liquid exposure, or incontinent users can result in death, serious injury, or
Minimize exposure of electrical components to water and/or liquids. Electrical components damaged by corrosion MUST
be replaced immediately.
Wheelchairs that are used by incontinent users and/or are frequently exposed to water/liquids may require replacement of
electrical components more frequently.
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