Part No 1143151 21 Invacare 3G Storm Series®
Risk of Serious Injury or Damage
Improper transfer techniques may cause serious injury or damage.
Before attempting transfers, consult a health care professional to determine proper transfer techniques for the user and
type of wheelchair.
Reduce gap between transfer surface and wheelchair seat to the minimum distance necessary to perform transfer.
Align casters parallel to the drive wheels to improve stability during transfer.
ALWAYS turn the wheelchair power off.
ALWAYS engage both motor locks/clutches and free wheel hubs (if equipped) to prevent the wheels from moving before
transferring into or from the wheelchair.
Risk of Death, Serious Injury, or Property Damage
Failure to observe the following transport warnings may result in death, serious injury, or property damage.
Only use the transport brackets included with TRRO or TRBKTS for the purposes described in this manual.
TRRO (Transport Ready Option) - TRRO includes four factory-installed transport brackets and a wheelchair anchored pelvic
strap. TRRO has been crash-tested in accordance with ANSI/RESNA WC Vol 1 Section 19 Frontal Impact Test requirements for
wheelchairs with a 130 lb crash test dummy, which corresponds to a person with a weight of 125 to 165 lbs for junior seat sizes or
a 168 lb crash dummy, which corresponds to a person with a weight of 165 to 300 lbs for adult seat sizes.
TRBKTS (Wheelchair Transport Brackets) - TRBKTS includes four factory-installed wheelchair transport brackets.
TRBKTS has not been crash-tested in accordance with WC 19. Use these transport brackets only to secure an unoccupied
wheelchair during transport.
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