Invacare 3G Storm Series® 20 Part No 1143151
Risk of Serious Injury or Damage
Moving the seating system from the factory setting may reduce driver control, wheelchair stability, traction and increase
caster wear resulting in serious injury or damage.
Move the seating system ONLY when necessary to fit the wheelchair to the user.
If the seating system must be moved, ALWAYS inspect the wheelchair to ensure the front rigging DOES NOT interfere
with the front casters.
If the seating system must be moved, ALWAYS inspect to ensure the wheelchair DOES NOT easily tip forward or
Risk of Death, Serious Injury or Damage
Operating the wheelchairs outdoors or in areas of poor lighting may result in death, serious injury, or damage.
Operating the wheelchair near motor vehicles may result in death, serious injury or damage.
DO NOT operate on roads, streets or highways.
Use caution when operating the wheelchair outdoors at night or in areas with poor lighting.
ALWAYS be aware of motor vehicles when using the wheelchair.
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