Part No 1143151 127 Invacare 3G Storm Series®
12.3 Checking Battery Charge Level
The following “Do’s” and “Don’ts” are provided for your convenience and safety.
Don’t perform any installation or maintenance without first
reading this manual.
Read and understand this manual and any service information that accompanies
a battery and charger before operating the wheelchair.
Don’t perform installation or maintenance of batteries in an
area that could be damaged by battery spills.
Move the wheelchair to a work area before cleaning terminals, or opening bat-
tery box.
Don’t make it a habit to discharge batteries to the lowest level. Recharge as frequently as possible to maintain a high charge level and extend
battery life.
Don’t use randomly chosen batteries or chargers. Follow recommendations in this manual when selecting a battery or charger.
Don’t put new batteries into service before charging. Fully charge a new battery before using.
Don’t tip or tilt batteries. Use a carrying strap to remove, move or install a battery.
Don’t tap on clamps and terminals with tools. Push battery clamps on the terminals. Spread clamps wider if necessary.
Don’t mismatch your battery and chargers. Use ONLY a GEL charger for a GEL battery.
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