Invacare 3G Storm Series® 116 Part No 1143151
11.15 Adjusting Forks
1. Remove the dust cover (not shown) from the caster headtube.
2. To properly tighten caster journal system and guard against flutter,
perform the following check:
A. Tip back the wheelchair to floor.
B. Pivot both forks and casters to top of their arc simultaneously.
C. Let casters drop to bottom of arc (wheels should swing once
to one-side, then immediately rest in a straight downward
D. Adjust locknuts according to freedom of caster swing.
3. Test wheelchair for maneuverability.
4. Readjust locknuts if necessary, and repeat STEPS 1-3 until correct.
5. Snap dust cover into the caster headtube.
FIGURE14 Adjusting Forks
exploded for clarity.
There is no need to
remove the fork from
the base frame.
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