Invacare 3G Storm Series® 112 Part No 1143151
11.13 Installing Wheel Locks
Wheel Lock Installation Identification
1. Examine the motor and perform one of the following:
Motor assembly Resembles FIGURE10 - Refer to Installing
Wheel Locks for Motor/Gearbox Assemblies on page 113.
Motor Assembly Does Not Resemble FIGURE10 - Refer to
Installing Wheel Locks for GB Motors on page 114.
FIGURE10 Wheel Lock Installation Identification
Inasmuch as Wheel Locks are an option on this wheelchair - (You may order with or without the wheel locks.) - transfer to
and from the wheelchair in the presence of a qualified healthcare professional to determine individual safety limits. Invacare
strongly recommends ordering the wheel locks as an additional safeguard for the wheelchair user.
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