Part No 1143151 105 Invacare 3G Storm Series®
1. Position battery box top above battery as shown in FIGURE6.
2. Peel back battery terminal caps to expose battery cable ends as follows:
A. RED battery terminal cap from RED battery cable.
B. BLACK battery terminal cap from BLACK battery cable.
3. Install the locknut and mounting screw or clamp to connect the BLACK battery cable to the NEGATIVE (-) battery terminal/post (Detail “A” of
4. Install the locknut and fuse mounting screw or clamp to connect the RED battery cable to the POSITIVE (+) battery post (Detail“A” of
5. Verify battery cables are correctly installed and securely tightened.
6. Reposition terminal caps over battery post(s).
7. Install the battery box top(s).
8. Install the battery box(es) into the wheelchair. Refer to Removing/Installing Battery Boxes on page 94.
9. If necessary, charge the batteries. Refer to Charging Batteries on page 66.
Perform this section on one battery and battery box at a time. Repeat section for other battery box.
Cables will be crossed on one connector battery box top.
New batteries MUST be fully charged before using, otherwise the life of the batteries will be reduced
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