Invacare 3G Storm Series® 104 Part No 1143151
11.11 Disconnecting/Connecting Battery Cables
Group 24 Batteries
1. Lift up on battery box lid to expose underlying cables.
2. Peel back battery terminal caps to expose battery cable ends as follows:
A. RED battery terminal cap from RED battery cable.
B. BLACK battery terminal cap from BLACK battery cable.
3. Remove the locknut and mounting screw or clamp to disconnect BLACK battery cable from the NEGATIVE(-) battery terminal/post (Detail “A”
4. Remove the locknut and fuse mounting screw or clamp to disconnect RED battery cable from the POSITIVE (+) battery post (Detail“A” of
The use of rubber gloves is recommended when working with batteries.
NEVER allow any of your tools and/or battery cables to contact both battery terminals at the same time. An electrical short
may occur and serious personal injury or damage may occur.
When tightening the clamps, always use a box wrench. Pliers will “round off” the nuts. NEVER wiggle the battery terminals/
posts when tightening. The battery may become damaged.
The POSITIVE (+) RED battery cable MUST connect to the POSITIVE (+) battery terminals/posts, otherwise serious
damage will occur to the electrical system.
For this procedure, refer to FIGURE5 on page 106 and FIGURE6 on page 107.
Perform this section on one battery and battery box at a time. Repeat section for other battery box.
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