Part No 1143151 103 Invacare 3G Storm Series®
11.10 Cleaning Battery Terminals
1. Examine battery clamps and terminals for corrosion.
2. Verify the plastic caps are in place over battery cell holes.
3. Clean terminals and inside battery clamps by using a battery cleaning tool, wire brush, or medium grade sand paper.
4. Carefully dust off all metal particles.
Most batteries are not sold with instructions. However, warnings are frequently noted on the cell caps. Read them
DO NOT allow the liquid in the battery to come in contact with skin, clothes or other possessions. It is a form of acid and
harmful or damaging burns may result. Should the liquid touch your skin, wash the area IMMEDIATELY and thoroughly with
cool water. In serious cases or if eye contact is made, seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY.
Upon completion, areas should be shiny, not dull.
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