Glossary of Terms
The following terms are used throughout this guide.
Term Meaning Notes
SCSI Small Computer Storage
Wide SCSI 16 Bit SCSI
FAST SCSI SCSI clocked at 10 MHz 10 Mbytes/sec 8 bit,
20 Mbytes/sec 16 bit
Ultra SCSI SCSI clocked at 20 MHz 20 Mbytes/sec 8 bit,
40 Mbytes/sec 16 bit
SCAM SCSI Configured AutoMatically Most SCSI devices do not yet
support SCAM
I/O Input/Output
PCI Peripheral Component
Interconnect Industry Standard Bus
ISA Industry Standard Architecture Older PC Standard I/O bus
EISA Extended ISA Performance Enhanced ISA
BIOS Basic Input/Output System
POST Power On Self Test
LUN Logical Unit Number
Table 2: Glossary of Terms
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