VMSINSTAL.COM Installation Example
The following installation session is provided as an example. Your session
may differ based you’re your system configuration. Before starting, you
must have a complete current backup of your system disk.
LAB9-> @vmsinstal
OpenVMS AXP Software Product Installation Procedure
It is 15-MAR-1999 at 16:53.
Enter a question mark (?) at any time for help.
* Are you satisfied with the backup of your system disk [YES]?
* Where will the distribution volumes be mounted: sys$sysdevice:[VAXSCSI]
Enter the products to be processed from the next distribution volume set.
* Products: *
The following products will be processed:
Beginning installation of VAX_SCSI V1.4 at 16:53
%VMSINSTAL-I-RESTORE, Restoring product save set A ...
Current system ROOT is [.SYS0]
Copyright (C) IntraServer Technology, Inc. 1998. All Rights Reserved
VAX_SCSI IntraServer UltraSCSI wide support for VAX VMS
VAX_ENET IntraServer Fast (10/100) Ethernet support for VAX VMS
Supported VMS Versions:
VMS V5.5-2H4
VMS V6.1
VMS V6.2
VMS V7.1
Checking for copies of files in SYS$SYSROOT.
Operating system Version V5
Operating system Sub Version 5
This system is running VMS Version V5.5
This installation procedure will install support for IntraServer’s
Fast Ethernet and UltraSCSI devices on this machine.
This procedure will start the selected drivers automatically
at the end of this installation.
If you do not want to start the drivers automatically at this
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