Existing System Installation
Before starting, please check the installation floppy, CD-ROM or Tape for a
readme.txt file, which may contain any changes or additions to the
installation procedure that occurred after the printing of this manual.
Information can also be found at IntraServer’s Web Page, at
Mount the installation media on your system. This procedure will differ
depending on weather you are using a CD-ROM, Floppy Disk or Tape.
1. Mount the installation media:
$ mount dva0: /over=id (Floppy disk example)
$ mount dka500: /over=id (CD-ROM example)
$ mount mka400: /over=id (Tape example)
Note: Your device names will be different from this example
2. Create a temporary directory to hold the installation files:
$ create/dir sys$sysdevice:[vaxscsi]
3. Copy the installation files from your installation media to your
temporary installation file:
$ copy dva0:[vaxscsi]*.* sys$sysdevice:[vaxscsi] (Floppy)
$ copy dka500:[vaxscsi]*.* sys$sysdevice:[vaxscsi] (CD)
$ copy mka400:[vaxscsi]*.* sys$sysdevice:[vaxscsi] (Tape)
Note: Your device names will be different from this example
Note: If you received the kit as a .zip file, unzip it into this temporary
directory. Unzip-vax.exe can be obtained from IntraServer’s web
site at http://www.intraserver.com/download/vax/unzip-vax.exe
Set default to your system’s software update area:
$ set def sys$update
4. Invoke the vmsinstall command procedure to install the drivers:
$ @vmsinstal
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